Moving into a new home is always exciting. It marks a new chapter in life and with that a chance to redesign your everyday life, literally. This is exactly what the new owners of a spacious 60s house in the city centre of Eindhoven did.

Completely stripping the dated house from floor to ceiling resulted in a clean basis; a blank canvas. In collaboration with Hal-2, V3RS developed custom steel doors fitting the owner’s way of life and vision on design.

For this house we contributed our design to a modern industrial interior while simultaneously maintaining a warm and colourful atmosphere. The characteristic interplay of lines throughout the entire interior is translated into the design of the steel doors and shower wall that V3RS designed, manufactured and installed. The final result is a warm and welcome home with a custom made, contemporary and functional interior that respects the original architectural features of the house.

Project: V3RS steel doors, shower wall
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Program: Private
Assignment: Design, production, installation
Status: Realised September 2017
Client: Private
Design: V3RS, Hal-2
Photography: Stijnstijl

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