“Terribly good things between things.” is how Sonny likes to call croque monsieurs. Sonny is personated character of Son of a Croque, a unique franchise concept where croque monsieurs are made. Their first franchise opened in the centre of Amersfoort and needed an interior to fit Sonny’s fresh and new vision on lunchrooms.

In collaboration with Zware Jongens and Mark Pimlott we at V3RS built up Sonny’s interior. We manufactured and installed every piece with great care. A big central and classic bar is the starring piece of the scenery. A canopy of lights and long table, arranged in a simple line, with a beautiful marble top complement the bar perfectly. A cluster of mirrors, framed in oak, in different sizes. To top it all of we made a menu wall, that acts as a display for the offerings and changing specials, making it easy for everyone to pick and enjoy one of those terribly good things in between things!

Project: Hospitality
Location: Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Program: Lunchroom
Assignment: Design, production and installation
Status: Realised July 2016
Size: 78 m2
Client: Zware Kost B.V.
Design: V3RS, Zware Jongens, Mark Pimlott
Photography:  Stan Koolen

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