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As V3RS we want to envision and be transcendent to develop singularity and be recognizable in the design market worldwide. To do this we aspire to live as curiously and passionately as possible. A profound fresh way of doing things helps us to be intriguing and authentic. We are V3RS, and we are committed to hightech craft, image-defining and visually intense objects that enlighten your life

A true devotion to refined detailing, eagerness for innovation and the belief in sustainable design have resulted in unique design made by our studio called V3RS. We are creating awareness as well as a revaluation of the full creation process in which products are developed.

Our objective is to be a platform where unique and innovative products are created. Evolving from great affinity with the profession, combining new technologies and processes. Creating an honest and durable collection of interior products as well as fulfilling special interior projects. We intend to excite, provoke wonder and appeal to multiple emotions. Designed, developed, produced and assembled in our Eindhoven based studio.


Fuutlaan 12D
5613 AB Eindhoven
The Netherlands


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