It’s Boom Boom sausage time! From a booming stand at the Foodhallen to their first hot dog bar in the Van Woustraat in ‘de Pijp’ in Amsterdam. The startup Bulls and Dogs is changing the hot dog game by working with local butchers and transforming the soggy bun, sauerkraut and standard mustard and ketchup.

A shared passion with Bulls and Dogs (B&D) for creating quality through details led to a collaboration with V3RS. We designed, manufactured and installed a custom made restaurant interior. The modern day hot dog interpretation of interior design translates the B&D identity into a small bar with a warm and welcome atmosphere.

The design process resulted in numerous uniquely designed concepts translated into custom manufactured interior pieces; never losing a great eye for detail. Some of the custom B&D specials are: the meat grinder lamp, the Heineken bar tops with recycled Heineken bottles, the ‘Amsterdammertje’ tables and the ‘dog tile’ floor pattern. The dog tile floor is manufactured using solid oak to intensify the domestic experience of the living room. The abstract pattern of the floor is inspired by the hot dog bun and sausage.

Project: Hospitality
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Program: Restaurant
Assignment: Concept, design, production, installation
Status: Realised March 2016
Size: 55 m2
Client: Bulls and Dogs
Design: V3RS
Photography: Pie Aerts

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