A few years ago a small bar in the heart of ‘De Jordaan’ in Amsterdam was transformed into a restaurant, the first step of restaurant Daalder. When the restaurant attracted Dennis Huwaë, a high level chef, it was in need of an interior that reflects the attention for detail that Dennis has when cooking.

The collaboration with V3RS has led to a restaurant that radiates a coherent ambience. The restaurant has a prominent bar with a design that inspired by the Art Deco style period visible everywhere throughout Amsterdam. The restaurant forms a collision between two worlds in one small space. The bar being more casual and approachable and the deep dining area in the back being a classical and luxurious retreat.

When walking in the classical luxury is immediately sensible thanks to the use of a combination of classic blue steel with dark oak and brass details. A worthy appetizer for what is prepared in the kitchen.

Project: Hospitality
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Program: Restaurant
Assignment: Concept, design, production, installation
Status: Realised February 2018
Size: 60 m2
Client: Restaurant Daalder
Design:  V3RS
Photography:  V3RS

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