A family of different companies under one name is the essence the ‘Driessen Group’. Family and heritage play an important role for Driessen group to state their vision and feel. Besides family, their slogan explains the importance of happiness in work and the people behind their businesses. With these basic needs, an office was built where a ‘Village street’ is the heart of the building connecting the front and the back. A place where people meet, drink coffee and connect.

Hal-2 asked us to contribute with the concept development, production and installation of different items in this centre area of the office. This area reflects a real street where shops, pubs and libraries are situated next to each other. In the Driessen office, we transformed this concept into office spaces with each a different theme. From a library meeting room, to a pharmacy style ICT corner, to a street food corner lunch area. Experience was a key element in the assignment, and together with Hal-2 we translated the identity of Driessen into a one of a kind office area. An environment where the importance of happy people in a work atmosphere is, and always was, key in the stable growth of the Driessen Group.

Project: Office
Location: Helmond, The Netherlands
Program: Human resource
Assignment:  Concept, design, production, installation
Status: Realised September 2017
Size: 4.000 m2
Client: Hal-2
Design:  V3RS, Hal-2
Photography:  Stijnstijl

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