For those who love the freshest fish and the vibrant energy of the city of Eindhoven there is SeaBas, the ‘urban fisher’. At V3RS we love to work together with like minded clients such as SeaBas who are as ambitious as we are.

Together with SeaBas, Hal-2 and HappyDesigns, we created a story, a viable brand with an honest, fresh and delicious product. The store, located on the Grote Berg in the city centre of Eindhoven, already draws attention from the outside. The striking facade showing the fish scales as a skin of the building. The fish hook door handles are made to catch your eye right before walking in.

Entering the store you encounter the deep blue seating area. A small but deep floor plan draws attention to the very back of the store where we covered a big fridge with liquid metal. A small opening shows the fish in its ‘natural’ habitat. The counter with fresh fish takes you directly to the market with plates covered in a custom font designed together with an old fish market vendor. The several counter blocks, existing of different materials, refer to their functionality in the store. A brass counter for the cash register and burned wood for the stove. As a tribute to our hard working fisherman on their boats are details hidden in plain sight to commemorate the hard work it takes to catch fish.

Project: Retail
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Program: Seafood shop
Assignment: Concept, design, production, installation
Status: Realised June 2017
Size: 85 m2
Client: Seabas
Design: V3RS, Hal-2
Photography: V3RS 

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